SCFL Pro 1.6.19: We’re Not Really Sure?

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It’s been two weeks since SCFL Pro hosted Holiday Havok II, changing the foundation of the league with nearly every title changing hands. And this week was supposed to be Uncle Sledding’s Holiday Party, but now we aren’t sure what is going on. Supposedly it’s postponed, but we have no real way of knowing. The whole situation is totally confusing. All we really know is that Jason and Walsh are showing up to discuss the situation at 10pm est on Sunday.

From there, anything can happen.


SCFL Holiday Party at Uncles CANCELLED Jan. 6th 2019
Meanwhile in Mexico SCRAMBLE? Zodiak, DEMOS, Fuerte Guerrero, El Pastoso, Veneno VENENO insane. no one wanted to lose. 100% 0:56:08
Meanwhile in Mexico Marciano, Cohete Rojo vs. Rey Estrella, Pegaso Rey Estrella, Pegaso 77.00% 0:12:20
Meanwhile in Mexico El Hijo del Armadillo Gigante vs. Mariachi Marco Gigante Great match. really like Marco 100.00% 0:21:57