SCFL Pro Shoot Championship

The SCFL Pro Shoot Championship is a unified championship consisting of the Gruesome Championship, the S-1 Championship and the SWA Championship, all merged together under one title.

Champion Number
1Gary Bollea0Won tournament, Beat Karate Hendrix in finals
2Blaster Robinson0
3Magomed AshmonovChuckie Murphy1
4Wigwamm Watanabe0
5Gary BolleaFoundation Russo, Kelly Kelley2
6Boxing BianchiGordon Kuntz, Zorastriani Brown, Meete Mein3
7Officer BoonEspecially Esposito, Zoning Zhang2First dual champion in SCFL (Hardcore and Shoot)
8"Bike Bianchi"/Nate?1
9Actually Bike Bianchi/Boxing BianchiCredit Lewis (draw)?1Fought to a draw, thus named co-champions
10Actually Bike Bianchi/Boxing Bianchi/Credit LewisWith Credit and Boxing drawing, they spilt the 50% of Boxing's title claim. BikeNate/Actually Bike Bianchi controlls 50%, with Boxing and Credit controlling 25% each.
11Actually Bike Bianchi/Boxing Bianchi/Credit Lewis1?credit lewis draws with bikenate, considering everyone has tied each other, all three have a 33.3% claim on the title. the remaining 0.1% is controlled by the Mayor
12Actually Nate Bike/Credit Lewis *Majority*1?Credit Lewis defeated Boxing to claim Boxings stake in the shoot title. Credit now has a 66% claim on the title. Nate Bike has 33% and Major Let has 1%
13Acutally Nate BikeWins Majority stake (99.9%) of title "Champion" 4/19/2020
Champion Defense Notes
Karate Hendrix Kelly Kelley Won tournament. Beat Kelly in finals
Gary Bollea
S1 Title
Champion Defense Notes
Choochai TrainMTGym Def Gorvis in inaugural fight
Raoul Hernandez
Choochai TrainMTGym Chuckie Murphy