SCFL Pro US Championship

The US Championship — which is short for Uncle Sledding Championship — was established in March of 2018 when Spencer Morgan won a tournament for said title, defeating Chuckie Murphy in the finals. It was the responsibility of Xylophonist Bianchi to order the championship and design it, a huge responsibility that gave him anxiety. There was also a miscommunication where he thought it was to be something to honor his uncle Sledding Bianchi, not an actual wrestling championship.

Thus a mug was ordered from Walgreens, built with their online tool.

Champion Number
1Spencer MorganKarate Hendrix, Freddy Fischer2Defeated Chuckie Murphy in a tournament finals.
2Raoul Hernandez0
3Giovanni Dinner0
4Wim NijmanSpencer Morgan, Patty Acosta (KO), Garden Greene(DM), Especially Esposito, Spencer Morgan (KO)5
5Computer CollinsChuckie Murphy, Karate Hendrix2
6Technology CooperOfficer Romano, Spencer Morgan (D), Spencer Morgan3
7Spencer MorganLast champion. Title merged with World Title. Now SCFL Pro US World Champion