Patty Acosta

Patty Acosta is a no-nonsense substitute school lunch monitor entering into the golden years of her retirement. She’s given back to her community for years, including being a teachers’ aid, a crossing guard and now works as a lunch and recess monitor. Of course, she only works very part time, as a substitute. She’s worked at schools alongside the likes of Bradford Culpepper, October Schmidt and many other of the subs, although outside of Bradford very few of them have ever had to work with her all-that-closely.

The kids know when they see Mz. Acosta to clam up before she gets angry, because Mz. Acosta has been known to have a bit of a temper and has snatched up the lunches of misbehaving students and thrown out many a pudding cup to teach valuable lessons. This could also be why she is only a substitute school lunch monitor, considering those pudding cups were government mandated and all.

Her son, Antonio, suggested that she find something else to do in her spare time, outside of donning her gym clothing and never actually going to the gym. She knew just who the turn to for a chance to ply a new trade in Bike Bianchi.

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