SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship

Where would SCFL Pro be without hardcore action? So of course there is more than just a singles Hardcore Championship, there is also the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship, where four men enter and two men leave. The titles are contested under a wide array of deathmatch types. Blowhole Bernard and Justice Turner secured the titles in a hardcore tag match where mid-match it was decided that the winner of that match should receive a championship.

As there was no room in the budget for a belt, instead they were awarded a framed photo of former ECW and WCW tag team the Public Enemy. Not signed.

On 3/10/19 the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship was unified with the SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship.

Champion Number
1Blowhole Bernard/Justice Turner0Won by beating Missouris. Was decided mid-match to award champs
2Meete Mein/Chuckie MurphyPhilly Davis1
3Maniac Missouri/Maximo Missouri0
4LOST Boyz (Until Robert/Both Ferrari)High Seas (D)1
5High Seas (Captain White/Algorithm Schneider)0
6Maniac Missouri/Maximo Missouri (2)Tapas/Fortran1
7The Kelleys (Kelly Kelley/Mickey Kelley)Puncho/Ricky, Puncho/Raoul2
8Blowhole Bernard/Justice TurnerManiac Missouri/Maximo Missouri, High Seas, The Jonseys (Lil Jonesy/Fat Jonsey)3
9Patty Acosta/October SchmidtGordon Garabaldi/Maniac Missouri1
10The Steel Drum Band (Nightsbane Kvlt/Ron Lewis)0
11Shadow Realm (Death Walker/YAKUZA)0
12Blaster Robinson/Front ReedLast Champions before unifying with SCFL Pro Tag Titles

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