SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship

The SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship is a Twitch exclusive title that is defended on each and every broadcast that SCFL does. This makes it a grueling, demanding and utterly […]

SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship

The SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship is perhaps one of the strangest and, in a way, most prestigious of all of the titles. A man has literally died defending that very […]

SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship

Where would SCFL Pro be without hardcore action? So of course there is more than just a singles Hardcore Championship, there is also the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship, where […]

SCFL Pro Open Scramble Championship

The SCFL Pro Open Scramble is an eight-man battle royale that opens every SCFL event. The rules are simple: eight-men enter, then can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, DQ or […]

SCFL Pro Shoot Championship

The SCFL Pro Shoot Championship is a unified championship consisting of the Gruesome Championship, the S-1 Championship and the SWA Championship, all merged together under one title. SWA Champion Defense […]

SCFL Pro Trios Championship

The Trios Championship is a three-person tag team championship, won initially by the Supreme Family (Gyro Supreme, Cheesesteak Supreme and Sanders Suzuki). Champion Defense Notes Gyro Supreme/Cheesesteak Supreme/Sanders Suzuki Ratt/Gorvis/Rastaban […]

SCFL Pro Unified Tag Team Championship

Established on 3/10/2019 when the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship (held by Blaster Robinson and Front Reed) unified the titles with the SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship (held by […]

SCFL Pro US Championship

The US Championship — which is short for Uncle Sledding Championship — was established in March of 2018 when Spencer Morgan won a tournament for said title, defeating Chuckie Murphy […]

SCFL Pro World Championship

The SCFL Pro World Championship is the single-most prestigious title in the history of the SCFL Pro. The title was established in November of 2017 when Chuckie Murphy won a […]

SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship

The SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship was established early on, with the Alt-Right team of Piotr Petrov and Federal Bell securing the titles before defending them three times. On […]

SuperChat Fight League World Champion

Current Champion:¬†Boxing Bianchi Championship Lineage First champion Bike Bianchi:¬† Baby Hayes Bike Bianchi: defended x3 Nightsbane Kvlt: Offers Thompson: Ichabod Adams Weather Walker: defended x2 Philly Supreme Weather Walker: defended […]