Daddy/Son Tag Team Dance

In 2018 it was established that father figures should be given their own, special tournament. This tournament sees fathers and sons, uncles and nephews, father figures and son figures paired […]

March Sadness

March Sadness is an annual tournament that coincides with the NCAA’s March Madness. It consists of a one-night tournament featuring 32 competitors. The winner of the tournament gets the right […]

Memorial Tournaments

Sometimes people in Beliribuon, Iowa pass on from this mortal coil. Sometimes those people need to be memorialized in tournaments. These are those tournaments. 2018 The Bradford Culpepper Food Place Memorial […]

The Substitute Series

The yearly tournament gathers new substitute teachers from around District 204 in an effort to bolster the ranks and help subs make some money over the summer. Held every June, […]