SCFL Pro World Championship

The SCFL Pro World Championship is the single-most prestigious title in the history of the SCFL Pro. The title was established in November of 2017 when Chuckie Murphy won a tournament, defeating Philly Supreme in the finals to secure that title.

Champion Number
1Chuckie Murphy0Won tournament, beating Philly Supreme
2Discussion Davis0Triple threat. Ichabod pinned Murphy, Discussion pinned Ichabod
3Ichabod AdamsBoxing Bianchi1
4Bike BianchiIchabod Adams, Kelly Kelley, Sledding Bianchi3
5Discussion DavisDougie Middle, Magomed Ashmonov, 50 Men (Blaster Robinson x2), Sledding Bianchi, Federal Bell, Piotr Petrov, Miles Manhoef (Draw)56
6Freddy FischerGene Greene1(Let Liu)
7 Miles ManhoefJensen Woods1Won Tournament
8Discussion DavisPicaporte Rodriguez, Chuckie Murphy, Wim Nijman3Won One Year Anniversary Tournament
9Great LopkinWim Nijman, Picaporte Rodriguez, Discussion Davis*3*vs. Davis ,Wim in the suit. Unknown.
10Wim NijmanLast champion. Title merged with World Title. Now SCFL Pro US World Champion
11Sanders SuzukiDiscussion Davis, Discussion Davis2Defenses in March Sadness IV
12Discussion DavisWins March Sadness IV

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