The kickboxing years: 2011-2017

Q: Where does this universe stand in relation to the real fight worlds playing out around them?

A: The UFC and all other leagues are happening as the Superchat Fight League goes on. The Superchat Fight League shows are live to tape on Sunday mornings following UFC events. The competitors in the league have a deal that that they can put on shows at a reduced rate if they break down the ring and pack the trucks. The league is owned by Bike Bianchi.

Q: How much do they save on production values?

A: Almost 35%.

Q: Do UFC fighters compete in the Superchat Fight League?

A: This has happened on three occasions and two of them were miscommunications.

Q: Where is the Bianchi family reality show that was filmed in early 2016?

A: We’ve been told it’s permanently on hold due to lack of quality.

Q: How long are the fights?

A: Boxing and kickboxing fights have three five-minute rounds. Championship bouts have five five-minute rounds.

Q: How are champions decided?

A: Typically 3-4 wins in a row over solid opponents should get you a shot. Maybe less if you have different circumstances like a close title fight previously, with an elite win or two. Additionally, sometimes fighters walk out mistakenly and may end up in a title fight.

Q: Why do these men agree to such low pay?

A: If they win 50% of their fights and fight 40 times a year, after medicals, taxes, and gym fees, they’re probably making near $50K a year. That money’s not bad. Jobs aren’t easy to come by these days.

Q: Does every fighter have to fight every week?

A: No. And injuries could keep someone out for an extended period of time.

Q: Why do these fighters do this?

A: Each of them are compelled to fight in their own way. Some are fighting to become closer to their family, some because they want the money. Each man is motivated to step into that cage for something highly personal to them. See the highly-extensive roster page for more.

Q: Can I join?

A: Probably not, but we’d love to see the highlights and stories of your fighters.

The Pro Wrestling Years FAQ 2017 –

Q: What kind of wrestling do you do?

A: All kinds! Traditional pro wrestling is the name of the game, but a life of hardcore kickboxing has unleashed a sort-of bloodlust in some of us, so deathmatches, straight up MMA, and other weird stipulations could rear their heads at any time.

Q: What’s with the injured list?

A: We don’t understand the question, but it’s where you can keep up to date with all of your favorite injured fighters. Keep up with us on Twitter (below) or visit the injury report page.

Q: When do you wrestle?

A: Every Saturday night/Sunday morning at various times. Check out our social media for more, and obviously, we stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/scflpro

Q: Ghosts?

A: We don’t know specifically to what you refer.

Q: Why is everything so half-assed?

A: Ghosts.

Q: Can I join?

A: Probably not. There have been some calls for SCFL fighters in other leagues but it’s a contentious point around our offices. We’ve spoken with the fighters and they almost unanimously agree that if they were to ever go to another promotion that anything done there would not count against their record unless they were winning titles.

Q: Can we download the fighters on Fire Pro Wrestling?

A: Some of the roster has been recreated by fans in Fire Pro Wrestling but you won’t find everyone.

Q: Do you get deals on Buicks?

A: Sometimes.

Q: What’s with all of the social media work being done around here?

A: Bike owns a boutique social media agency that operates out of the bowels of the Beliribon Civic Auditorium.

Q: There are dogs there?

A: Transient dogs roam the grounds.

Q: Even around the children the substitute teachers bring?

A: The dogs are kept separate but sometimes they sneak out and sniff the children to mixed results.

Q: Sometimes the kids fall asleep and you have to be quiet?

A: It has happened. The same night a man was pulled into a nether-dimension.

Q: That’s the ghosts?

A: We aren’t sure, but Jensen Woods seems to be on it maybe?

Q: Why is this happening during a weird combat sports show?

A: We aren’t sure.

Q: Who is running the Twitch chat?

A: That’s Let Liu. You can read his bio here. There’s a lot to explain.

Q: Why is there a Steel Drum Band?

A: The irresistible urge to create?

Q: What Fire Pro mods do you use?

A: We use Carlzilla’s stuff. We will have a page discussing the mods we use in detail at a later date.

Q: Can we get a quick rundown of the various rules?

A: Yep.

Q: The Dot TV title?

A: 15-minute time limit, must be defended every show.

Q: The hardcore championship?

A: Just gotta be crazy. We’ve seen bathroom deathmatches, barbed wire. Anything. Alex Thompson died during a sod deathmatch. That was terrible.

Q: Okay, what’s with the scramble championship?

A: 8-person battle royale in which pinfall, submissions, KOs, TKOs, and over-the-top-eliminations are all fair game. Only Eosinophil Rossi and Ron Lewis have defended the pan, and a few have won multiple times. Kurt King and October Schmidt come to mind. You can see our championship lineage here.

Q: The U.S. title?

A: The second-most important title. It was supposed to be a prestigious belt but Xylophonist Bianchi misunderstood and made an ode to his “U.S.” – his Uncle Sledding. It’s a ceramic mug. Still prestigious in a way.

Q: How are you?

A: Fine.

Q: There’s an MMA division, a hardcore division, a hardcore tag division, a trios tag division and a traditional tag division, all with their own champions?

A: Correct.

Q: That’s a lot of belts.

A: We feel it.

Q: Anything else?

A: SCFL Hoops!?

Q: They can’t fight all the time, and amateur basketball is huge in Beliribon, Iowa. SCFL Hoops!keeps everyone in shape while also furthering agendas and feuds in ways that are (sometimes) a little less taxing on their bodies. That said, Freddy Fischer does have a few flagrant fouls.

One of the greatest moments in SCFL Hoops! history is when Karate Hendrix hit a buzzer-beater three-pointer to beat Ichabod Adams and the Alt-Right. Note Federal Bell taking a knee.

Q: Thank you.

A: Have a good one.