Let Liu

Let Liu is a college student under the thrall of his mother, a domineering woman who takes her former husband’s leaving out on Let. A quiet boy, Liu is not the best fighter, but he has a hard, thick skull, which was discovered by his mother after she was smacking him upside the head. The household needed money, and so Mama Liu enrolled her only child into the Fight League, where he became known as the “Community College Terminator” thanks to his plodding forward style (and tendency to get annihilated in the end).

Was a part of the Summer Series before being contracted onto the full roster. He currently runs the chat room on the SCFL Twitch page, and he still hasn’t washed his white singlet, which has turned “Dorito Orange.” He’s 1/3 of The Fixers with friends Xylophonist Bianchi and Dougie Middle. Xylophonist and Let were together the co-Hardcore Champions.

Title History:

Finisher: Community College Killer – Rikishi driver

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