SCFL Pro Open Scramble Championship

The SCFL Pro Open Scramble is an eight-man battle royale that opens every SCFL event. The rules are simple: eight-men enter, then can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, DQ or being thrown over the top rope. Kurt King originally won the championship.

Eosinophil Rossi has held the championship three times, while only Eosinophil Rossi, Ron Harris, Fat Jonesy and Ron Lewis have ever defended the title.

Champion Number
1Kurt King0Won Battle Royal
2Eosinophil Rossi0
3Rastaban Baptiste0
4Bradford Culpepper0
5Front Reed0
6Eosinophil Rossi (2)Aladdin Bell1
7Immediately Ito0
8Eosinophil Rossi (3)0
9Kurt King (2)0
10Front Reed (2)0
11October Schmidt0
12Eosinophil Rossi (4)0
13Lil Jonesy0
14Boxing Bianchi0
15Hans Schmidt0
16Meete Mein0
17Vector Wang0
18Magomed Ashmonov0
19October Schmidt (2)0
20Ron LewisVector Wang1
21Brick Roberts0
22Especially Esposito0
23Blaster Robinson0
24Ron HarrisBradford Culpepper1
25Charles Dubois0
26Jacques Jeanjacques0
27Weather Walker0
28Baby Hayes0
29Zoraostriani Brown0
30Choochai TrainMTGym0
31Spencer Morgan0
32Dougie Middle0
33Fat JonesyImmediately Ito, Vector Wang2
34Ron Harris (2)Eosinophil Rossi0
35Charles Dubois/The Fist0
36Officer Bertrand0
37Samantha Sugar1
38Immediately Ito (2)Winner of the Great Lopkin Open Scramble0
39Maximo MissouriEosinophil Rossi1
40Officer Bertrand0
41The Great Lopkin0
42Garden Greene0
43Giovanni Dinner0
44Zoning Zhang0
45Ron Harris0
46Betsy HarrisAwarded the Pan after the death of her husband, Ron Harris0
47Freddy Fischer0
48Maximo Missouri (2)Won after referee Discussion Davis went rogue and changed the rules.0
49Wigwamm Watanabe0
50El Hijo de Armadillo Gigante50th Scramble Champion!0
52Officer Richards1
54Samantha Sugar0
55Gene Greene0
56Fat Jonesy0
57Officer Richards0
58Especially Esposito (2)