Patty Acosta

Patty Acosta is a no-nonsense substitute school lunch monitor entering into the golden years of her retirement. She’s given back to her community for years, including being a teachers’ aid, […]


Pegaso is a high-flier from Mexico, competing mostly in SCLL before coming to SCFL alongside his partner, Rey Estrella. Estrella and Pegaso are known as one of the best tag […]

Philly Gym

The Philly Gym and Buick Dealership of Philadelphia is owned and operated by Philly Supreme, along with his brother, Cheesesteak Supreme. What once was the boxing gym that Philly attended […]

Philly Supreme

Born to a working class family in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Supreme found his city to be a bit less friendly and more hostile. After being picked on […]

Picaporte Rodriguez

Picaporte Rodriguez is a former professional boxer from Mexico City that found himself driving a cab for a living. The allure of fighting drew him to SCFL, but the stability […]

Piotr Petrov

Piotr Petrov, the King of Kings, the man of many claims and a history as unclear as the worst mystery ever unsolved. Petrov, from Moscow, Russia, has claimed to be […]

PK Top Team

The first fight camp dedicated to the art of kickboxing in a cage, run by Baby Hayes. It has served as a clearing-house for many of SuperChat Fight League’s talents […]

Puncho Baggins

Puncho Baggins is a man that has never met a poor decision he didn’t immediately embrace. From a giant, full face tattoo, to becoming a professional fighter before knowing the […]