SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship

The SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship is perhaps one of the strangest and, in a way, most prestigious of all of the titles. A man has literally died defending that very title. Alex Thompson, on his second run as Hardcore Champion, was in a three-way in a Sod Deatchmatch, featuring Sledding Bianchi’s new sod for his yard, was knocked unconscious, face down in the sod. He laid there for forty minutes before the match ended and anyone bothered to check on him.

Eventually Technology Cooper and Zoning Zhang battled in a triple threat match at the Belly Ribbon Gym alongside the embalmed corpse of Alex Thompson to declare a new champion. It was… Gruesome.

Champion Number
1Zoning Zhang0Won tournament, defeated Discussion Davis in finals
2Alex Thompson0
3The Fixers (Let Liu/Xylophonist Bianchi)0Co-champions
4Xylophonist Bianchi0Defeated Let Liu
5Wigwamm WatanabeCharles Dubois1
6Technology CooperCharles Dubois, Zoning Zhang (Draw)2
7Alex Thompson (2)0Deceased, died in first defense
8Technology Cooper (2)Kelly Kelley, Algorithm Schneider, Maximo Missouri, Puncho Baggins (Draw), Puncho Baggins (face ripped off), Front Reed6Won from Zoning Zhang in Triple Threat with Alex Thompson’s deceased body
9Choochai TrainMTGymGarden Greene 1
10Officer BoonTechnology Cooper (KO), Zoning Zhang2First COP champion
11Blaster Robinson0
12Gary LaPlante0
13October ShitChoochai TrainMTGym, Front Reed. Yeti #1. Darwin Finch4