Alex Thompson

The way that a man lives, the deeds that were his own, and the impact that he leaves behind will be his legacy. In the case of Alex Thompson, that legacy is complicated and is perhaps distilled into a physical thing, currently being stored in a storage locker outside of Beliribuon, Iowa. That would be an SCFL ring mat that has been so deeply scarred by the memory of Alex Thompson that, much like the legendary Shroud of Turin, is imprinted with his likeness after his death.

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself here, because Alex Thompson died like he lived: with murderous intent. Alex was an employee at a local slaughterhouse. The job was simple, but enjoyable to Alex, although many have posited that a job with so much blood involved could possibly have led him to his dark path of murder. Understanding why Alex Thompson was who he was is something best left to law enforcement, although even they seemed miffed at explaining someone as aggressive, callous and uncaring as him. One night he simply snapped, something inside of his brain — a switch — was flipped and murdering livestock was no longer enough.

His wife, Cheryl, and his daughters, Chloe and Susanne, were found dead in his van that very evening he snapped. It was a truly visceral scene inside of that old beater of a van. A bloody handprint was seen on the back of the light blue van in the parking lot of the Beliribuon Civic Auditorium by an attendee at what would be considered — canonically — an early precursor event to the SCFL where Bike Bianchi was throwing money at cosplayers to compete in a cage while the event streamed live on the internet. Inside, Big Alex as the slaughterhouse workers knew him, was wearing his jeans, his boots and a white tee that were all caked with blood. Those that recognized him thought nothing of it, knowing his profession and all. In fact, with the slaughterhouse in close vicinity to the BCA most were able to write off his appearance considering he wasn’t the only blood-stained man there. Of course, Alex was seven foot tall, towering over the rest of the people in attendance, so he was hard to miss.

Hard to miss for everyone, even Bike Bianchi, the promoter of the event. When one of the combatants was forced to withdraw with a stomach ache after eating a tainted gherkin (there was a now infamous jar of tainted gherkins, which remains a historic date to The Fixers, even though the arrival of Alex Thompson overshadows this to literally everyone else), a desperate Bike asked those in attendance if anyone would sign a waiver, take $50 and step into the ring. The crowd parted like the red sea when Alex Thompson threw down his concession-stand beer and roared. The Obi-Wan Kenobi cosplayer in the ring stood no chance, nor did virtually anyone else that stood in his way. Even the police when they arrived, tipped off at the bloody van, only to crack it open and find the three decaying corpses with their innards strung up like Christmas lights around the van.

Bike quickly struck a deal with Thompson to appear on future events, right before the police kicked down the door to his office and arrested Alex. The trial was swift and painful, as Cheryl, Chloe and Susanne were valuable members of this small community. Alex plead guilty, without a hint of shame or remorse and was tossed into jail with consecutive life sentences with no parole. Thanks to a Creole legal loophole, though, Bike Bianchi was able to argue that his contract with Thompson was legally binding and would need to be fulfilled. The local prison was able to work out a work release program for Thompson as long as Bianchi would assume liability for Thompson’s actions in the ring.

So he’d arrive, escorted by a host of officers, strapped down on a gurney with a muzzle on his face. Bike would personally assist in removing the restraints before each match and then assist with replacing them after he was done. In the ring Alex was fearsome, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. He captured the SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship from Technology Cooper, leading into a rematch with Cooper that was a three-way with Zoning Zhang. Zhang and Cooper had been in a series of exploding barbed wire deathmatches that ended in double KO’s, thus both men were deemed contenders and were set to compete in a Sod Deathmatch, testing out Sledding Bianchi’s new sod for his lawn. It was there that these three men brutalized each other, leading to Zoning Zhang hitting the End Zone on Thompson, rendering him face down and unconscious. The other two men battled on for forty more minutes before the time limit expired, without anyone realizing that Thompson, face down in the rich, lustrous sod, had taken a mouthful of the earth and was choking to death. It was there, in that sod deathmatch, that Alex Thompson passed away.

For most men, their story would end there, yet a strange contractual clause and the outcome of the match meant that Thompson was still the SCFL Pro Hardcore Champion. He was set to be buried with the Barbed Wire Bat that is the championship until Technology Cooper and Zoning Zhang broke into his wake and battled it out in front of mourners, dislodging Thompson’s body from the casket and Cooper pinning the dead body to reclaim that championship. Sledding Bianchi, the head referee, protested that a mourner in a striped shirt was not a licensed official, thus Thompson was still the champion.

This led to some deep reflection, and Sledding putting together what he described as a “tasteful” match in the Belly Ribbon gym, where Cooper and Zhang would compete alongside the dead body of Alex Thompson in another triple threat match, only there had to be a winner. Decked out in a rented tuxedo, Sledding oversaw a match that was broadcast via security cam footage during the Alex Thompson memorial event live on Twitch, where Technology Cooper took an exploding barbed wire bat and knocked Zoning Zhang out, thus winning the belt back, while the rotting corpse of Alex Thompson lay motionless on the mat, embalming fluids leaking out and leaving an uncomfortable stain on the ring for the event before it was eventually removed and put into storage.

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Finisher: Brainbuster Lariat

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