SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship

The SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship is a Twitch exclusive title that is defended on each and every broadcast that SCFL does. This makes it a grueling, demanding and utterly prestigious title within the promotion. Offers Thompson won the championship first, defeating the now-deceased Alex Thompson in the finals.

The title is unique in that it has a fifteen-minute time limit, which forces challengers to push as hard as possible to win the title and gives champion’s a chance to stall and look for a draw, which is counted as a successful title defense. Occasionally the title can be contested inside of a steel cage, where escapes are a legal way to win.

Champion Number
1Offers ThompsonZoroastriani (D), Spencer Morgan, Meete Mein (D), Sanders Suzuki, Gene Greene (D)5Won tournament, defeated Alex Thompson in finals
2Fat JonesyOffers (D)1
3Spencer Morgan0
4Eosinophil Rossi0
5Nightsbane KVLTSpencer (D), Offers (D), Walker (D), Little Jonesy (D)4
6Charles DuBoisEosinophil Rossi(D), Nightsbane KVLT (D)2
7Freddy FischerPuncho Baggins, Immediately Ito (D), Torvald Harralsen(D), Kelly Kelley (D)4
8Offers Thompson (2)Credit Lewis (D), Eosinophil Rossi (D)2cage escape
9Choochai TrainMTGym0
10Wim NijmanMeete Mein (D), Zoraostriani Brown, Garden Greene (NC), Garden Greene, Nightsbane Kvlt (D), Offers Thompson (NC), Freddy Fischer, Magomed Ashmanov, Immediately Ito (KO – KB rules), Mike Miller (SUB)10
11Karate Hendrix0
12Kurt KingWim Nijman (Draw), Samantha Sugar (Draw), Samantha Sugar (Draw), Wigwamm Watanabe (Draw), Aladdin Bell (Draw), October Schmidt6
13OFFERS (Offers Thompson [3])Baby Hayes (D), Justice Tuner (D), Fat Jonesy, Magomed Ashmanov, Rudy Supreme (D), Kurt King (D), Meete Mein, Gyro Supreme (D), Freddy Fischer, Cheesesteak Supreme (D), Great Lopkin (D), Samantha Sugar (D)12Offers Thompson from the Shadow Realm
14Philly SupremeZoroastriani Brown (D), Sanders Suzuki (D), Officer Richards (D), Officer Boon (D), Zoning Zhang (D), DUBOIS/FISt (D), Aladdin Bell, Lil Jonesy, Gyro Supreme (D), Veneno, Jason Nawara, Nightsbane KVLT (D)12
15Foundation RussoPatty Acosta (D), Lady Denimi (D),2Won on Supreme Productions 10
16Clark ClarkWon on 4/19/2020
17Darwin FinchWon on 3/27/2021