The Shadow Realm

Not much is known about the Shadow Realm.

It exists in what is believed to be a parallel universe to our own, with a strange link to the town of Belliribuon, Iowa, where SCFL resides. The Shadow Realm first struck on our fourth episode, when it seized Bike Bianchi during the Atomicos Tournament, returning him 30lbs overweight, for some odd reason. The supernatural happenings didn’t stop there, which prompted Bike Bianchi to hire Jensen Woods to investigate the strange happenings in Beliribbon, Iowa.

When he set out to present the findings of his investigation, he was attacked in the ring by an unknown entity.

After that jarring incident, Jensen wasn’t seen for weeks, until finally, he returned only to be assaulted inside of the ring by an unseen entity. This time the crowd and fans watching on Twitch were subject to seeing the man brutally beaten, until he disappeared inside of the ring.

From there it was a series of breadcrumbs left behind by Woods, including journal entries that were found backstage by Let Liu. A month later another journal entry was found. That journal entry coincided with the disappearance of Justice Turner from the ring, with him aggressively taken from the ring in front of the whole audience, with only his left arm left behind.

Somehow, during a match between Computer Collins and Foundation Russo against the Lost Boyz of Until Robert and Both Ferrari, strange things began happening, only for Justice Turner to appear in a field by the arena that night. With him he brought another message from Jensen Woods.

It was after this that the Shadow Realm got more aggressive, taking Offers Thompson, Sanders Suzuki, Foundation Russo and Freddy Fischer much the same way that it claimed Justice Turner.

Only after Miles Manhoef became what he’s calling “The Seer” was he able to return one of the missing men in Foundation Russo after what could only be explained as himself phase shifting through time and space.

Things only got stranger from here, with an entire bus full of competitors going missing, only to be confirmed by a tape found by Bike Bianchi the following week to be indeed taken to the Shadow Realm.

This leaves a harrowing list of victims to the Shadow Realm, with only two men ever returning from it unscathed thus far.