Samantha Sugar

Samantha Sugar is a stern-but-fair history teacher for District 204. Known for her dry wit and willingness to go “old school” on any child or fellow administrator that “gets in […]

Sanders Suzuki

A man who appreciates a tight haircut, Sanders Suzuki opened SCFL kickboxing shows with a solid .500 record. He eventually found footing in the league with his violent and friendly […]

SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship

The SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship is a Twitch exclusive title that is defended on each and every broadcast that SCFL does. This makes it a grueling, demanding and utterly […]

SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship

The SCFL Pro Hardcore Championship is perhaps one of the strangest and, in a way, most prestigious of all of the titles. A man has literally died defending that very […]

SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship

Where would SCFL Pro be without hardcore action? So of course there is more than just a singles Hardcore Championship, there is also the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship, where […]

SCFL Pro Open Scramble Championship

The SCFL Pro Open Scramble is an eight-man battle royale that opens every SCFL event. The rules are simple: eight-men enter, then can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, DQ or […]

SCFL Pro Shoot Championship

The SCFL Pro Shoot Championship is a unified championship consisting of the Gruesome Championship, the S-1 Championship and the SWA Championship, all merged together under one title. SWA Champion Defense […]

SCFL Pro Trios Championship

The Trios Championship is a three-person tag team championship, won initially by the Supreme Family (Gyro Supreme, Cheesesteak Supreme and Sanders Suzuki). Champion Defense Notes Gyro Supreme/Cheesesteak Supreme/Sanders Suzuki Ratt/Gorvis/Rastaban […]

SCFL Pro Unified Tag Team Championship

Established on 3/10/2019 when the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship (held by Blaster Robinson and Front Reed) unified the titles with the SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship (held by […]

SCFL Pro US Championship

The US Championship — which is short for Uncle Sledding Championship — was established in March of 2018 when Spencer Morgan won a tournament for said title, defeating Chuckie Murphy […]

SCFL Pro World Championship

The SCFL Pro World Championship is the single-most prestigious title in the history of the SCFL Pro. The title was established in November of 2017 when Chuckie Murphy won a […]

SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship

The SCFL Pro World Tag Team Championship was established early on, with the Alt-Right team of Piotr Petrov and Federal Bell securing the titles before defending them three times. On […]

Sledding Bianchi

The father of Bike and Boxing Bianchi, Sledding Bianchi represented Belgium as an Olympic alternate bobsledder at the ‘96 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. Keeping with the family tradition to name […]

Sons of Anger

A nebulous group led by Rastaban Baptiste that is based around 311. Members Ratt Middle Rastaban Baptiste Gorvis Rogers Kurt King Meete Mein Chuckie Murphy

Spencer Morgan

Spencer Morgan is a beautiful man. He’s the sort of man who improves with age, and that’s why he’s been the lead sales person at the Roseville, Minnesota Men’s Warehouse […]

SuperChat Fight League World Champion

Current Champion: Boxing Bianchi Championship Lineage First champion Bike Bianchi:  Baby Hayes Bike Bianchi: defended x3 Nightsbane Kvlt: Offers Thompson: Ichabod Adams Weather Walker: defended x2 Philly Supreme Weather Walker: defended […]