Ron Lewis

Ron is a drifter, a loaner, a man that goes his own way before that became a really weird thing.

The father of Credit Lewis, Ron was a never a very attentive father, instead focused on following the band Jefferson Starship in their travels. There have been stories about an alleged affair with Grace Slick that has never really made sense considering timelines, her relationship history and Ron’s age, but the white rabbit tattoo on his arm is said to hold deep significance to Ron.

Instead of being a dutiful father, he decided to work high-risk jobs like working on Alaskan oil rigs and dangerous deep sea fishing expeditions, sending photos of himself on his adventures back to his young son, who grew up curious, but distant about the idea of his father. After seeing his son become world champion, Ron decided that he needed to make his presence felt, using his son as an entry-point into SCFL where he saw a solid deal of success, eclipsing his son in popularity briefly. They don’t talk much, still, but at least he’s in Credit’s life, he supposes.

He plays bass in the Steel Drum Band alongside Nightsbane Kvlt, Vector Wang and Xylophonist Bianchi.


Finisher: The Big Daddy Cutter – TKO

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