SCFL Hoops!

SCFL Hoops!

What is SCFL Hoops!?

After a few days of ice baths and working their day jobs, the stars of the SCFL take to the hardwood at the Beliribon YMCA, where thousands of fans fill the stands, showing the health of the amateur basketball scene in Iowa is even better than the wrestling business.

SCFL Hoops! started out as a way to stay in shape between events, but like all things SCFL, things turned weird and it became a semi-weekly competition that’s led to some high-stakes title shots. For example, Karate Hendrix earned an SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship fight for his superb on-court play and this buzzer-beating shot that sent the Alt-Right packing, and Federal Bell to his knee.

Watch SCFL Hoops! replays here!


Supreme Gym
Philly Supreme
Gyro Supreme
Cheesesteak Supreme
Karate Hendrix
Bradford Culpepper
Captain White
Freddy Fischer
Blaster Robinson

Sons of Anger
Rastaban Baptiste
– Torvald Harrellssen
Ratt Middle
Kurt King
Gorvis Rogers
– Jacques Jean-Jacques
Chuckie Murphy
Puncho Baggins

Belly Ribbon
Bike Bianchi
Boxing Bianchi
Sledding Bianchi
Xylophonist Bianchi
Discussion Davis
Wigwamm Watanabe
Weather Walker
Especially Esposito

Hodge Podge
Lil Jonesy
Fat Jonesy
Maximo Missouri
Maniac Missouri
Kelly Kelley
Mickey Kelley
Ron Lewis
Dougie Middle

Ichabod Adams
Piotr Petrov
Federal Bell
– Choochai TrainBballCourt
Fragrant Tanaka
Blowhole Bernard
Technology Cooper
Nightsbane KVLT

Miami Dreamin’
Until Robert
Both Ferrari
Miles Manhoef
Earl Vontrell
Brick Roberts
Eosinophil Rossi
Mike Miller
Let Liu

Team Record
Supreme Gym