Foundation Russo, Ya Made Me Watch ‘LOST’ Ya Piece’a Shit – By Gyro Supreme


Russo, you piece’a shit. I watched all of LOST cuz you told me it got better. Are they on the island, do they gotta go back? Is it the past, or the future? I couldn’t keep track of that damn show. I should have been preparing for our match instead, which is what you probably wanted, you asshole. You wanted me tired, and unfocused, and even more irritable than usual.

But that don’t matter. It doesn’t matter how exhausted I am, how much pain I’m constantly in, I’m still gonna lace up my boots and make that walk. Russo and Collins, you two bastards have taken too much from my family for me not to.

This one’s for Stromboli, may that sweet angel rest in peace. This one’s for Cheesesteak, who’s still trying to recover from all the beatings Collins has given that poor kid. It’s for Philly, who’s finally gonna put the bully down once and for all.

Hell, it’s for me, because you two jagoffs piss me off so much. LOST sucks, you two suck, and me and Philly are gonna beat the brakes off both of you on Saturday night.