I’m Comin’ To Destroy The Supreme Family Buick For You, Dad – By Computer Collins


This one’s for you, dad. This one’s always been for you.

All the matches I won, all the gold belts I earned, none of them really mattered, because I couldn’t share them with my dad. But this match, for the Superchat Pro Tag Team titles? That matters. That means something. Not because of what those belts represent, but because of who’s holding them, the Supremes.

I’ve lost a lot to the Supremes, and I’ve taken a lot from them. Philly, I truly regret what happened to your son, but what kind of father puts a wet-behind-the-ears kid in there against one of the greatest of all time? You did that, Philly. Just like how you made me hurt Cheesesteak, Gyro. It was supposed to be me and Russo versus Gyro and Philly. But fat uncle Gyro was busy stuffing his face, so poor Cheesesteak and his special moron buddy, Suzuki walk out instead. That punch was meant to crack your head, Gyro.

But on Saturday night, I’ll finally get that chance. I’ll finally be able to break someone’s jaw. I don’t care if it’s the uncle or the nephew, because I’ll be ready to smash both of ’em. I’ll put the Supremes away for good this time.

All for you, pop. It’s always been for you.

Computer Collins