Discussion Davis, You Must Accept My Challenge – From Magomed Ashmonov

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Discussion Davis is no true warrior. His hair look like papakha, hat of true warrior of Dagestan, but is just white, from fear. He is coward, afraid from small animal. Discussion Davis frighten of beast in garbage, but is not even bear. Feh! I see picture of this animal, look like large rat or cat. Trash rat-cat make a man have so much fear his hair become white, and this man is champion? Feh!

In Dagestan, we have no trash rat-cat, perhaps all bear eat them in long time ago. Now, we have bear all of the place. You wake up, bear is look in through window. You walk down street, bear is cross to other side, for bear respect True Dagestan Warrior. You go to bakery, for buying bread in morning, bear is work behind counter, but does not give proper change, because is bear, so you must thrash bear for disrespect.

Discussion Davis, if you ever go to Dagestan, you would become death from fears, even before seeing a bear. Please, do not have coward in your heart, accept the challenge I issue to you. Face me, Magomed Ashmonov, for SCFL Pro World Championship. I am no bear, just True Dagestan Warrior.