FWD: FWD: Statement RE: Ichabod Adams Championship Bout Agreement PLEASE OPEN!!

News, SCFL Pro

From the desk of Reginald R. Harris, Esquire


May 14, 2018



Bichael J. Bianchi

SCFL Enterprises, LLC

32 Gumbo Way

Beliribuon, IA 50069



Dear Monsieur Bianchi:

These are truly troubling times in SCFL. My client, Ichabod Adams, defeated one Miles Manhoef on April 28th, 2018 in a match to determine the number one contender to the SCFL Pro World Championship. As you’ll duly recall, Mr. Adams secured victory in said match, thus as per the signed agreement (enclosed) it is his right to be given a match against the current world champion.

At the time it was you, Mr. Bianchi, who was the world champion, but instead you continued on your crusade with a dear friend of yours, Mr. Discussion Davis, while Mr. Adams waited patiently for his turn. That turn has not come, nor has there been a bout agreement passed along to his legal team. While many matches happen behind-the-scenes and remain unannounced to the general public for weeks, there is no such agreement in place with Mr. Adams. It is understood that everyone within the organization is having difficulty in finding you for official or unofficial company matters, which gravely concerns us.

My client was assured an opportunity for the SCFL Pro World Championship and if that agreement is not honored we will be forced to pursue legal action against the company. Seeing as though SCFL Enterprises, LLC is already in turmoil, what with your arrest and all, it would behoove you to remedy this in a timely fashion before we are forced to take these matters to the judicial system.

Mr. Adams will be taking a much-deserved vacation this coming week, but plans to be in attendance at Mr. Sledding Bianchi’s backyard barbecue for the contractually-agreed-upon photo shoot with the rest of the roster. If this matter is not remedied before then please expect prompt and ruthless legal action.


Hesitantly Yours,

Reginald “Ron” Harris, Esquire


CC Xylophonist Bianchi, Let Liu, Dougie Middle, Sledding Bianchi, Bradford Culpepper