Ichabod Adams: The Alt-Right is Done Messing Around, Miles Manhoef

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No more legal letters, no more bullshit.

I’m done with this. Over it. This isn’t a game anymore, there won’t be any hashtags. Miles Manhoef, I’m talking directly to you. I’m also talking to Discussion Davis. You are both enormous pieces of shit and I’m fucking pissed off. Ron told me not to do this, in fact he begged me not to do it. Not really, he told me that I was on my own and a bunch of other boring lawyer shit. Only SJWs like you and your beloved PC culture would give a shit. Maybe you’ll whine some more, huh? Maybe you are so #triggered by how great I am that you knew that the only way for your kneeling ass to get some spotlight was to dip into mine.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, alright?

Starting this week Discussion Davis’s open challenge is about us taking our country and our title back where it belongs. If you think for even one minute, Miles, that you can come out and ruin it you’ve got another thing coming. We’re coming for #WAR and we will erase you. So kneel for the flag all that you want, disrespect our flag, our troops and #YOURPRESIDENT because it doesn’t matter anymore. You lost to me fair and square and you can’t handle it.

You ruined my chance at once again defeating Discussion Davis. Now my boys are going to get it done and the Alt-Right will once again reign supreme over this garbage heap of a company. Trust me, we WILL Make America Great Again and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

Maybe you should listen — REALLY LISTEN — to the new Kanye, Miles. Because Kanye gets it. He doesn’t kneel. He wants to Make America Great Again.

Discussion, I have nothing to say to you except kiss that belt goodbye.