Davis Falls, New Champ Gene Greene Already Ruffling Fight League Feathers


Discussion Davis’ title defense streak ended at a record 16 last night when substitute geology teacher, Gene Green, took a close unanimous decision win over the Belly Ribbon favorite. Gene , a massive underdog, joined the league earlier that night, went on a three-fight win streak, then took a close decision win over a man who many consider the GOAT.

Davis was gracious in defeat, applauding a bloody Greene (no relation to former champion Garden Greene) for his efforts, but would later be infuriated by Greene’s refusal to give him an immediate rematch.

The champion has his reasons.

“It’s a school night, and I know I have a class Monday morning,” the bloodied Greene said while lying down on his couch. The new king of the Superchat Fight League is swollen and cut from 25 minutes with one of the greatest champions ever, but with the belt around his waist, Greene knows he can call the shots. “I’m also behind on my meal prep so I need to wash my tupperware. I’m sorry I just don’t have time to defend my belt tonight.”

Strange days ahead for the Superchat Fight League? There has been only one othe supstitute series champion — Ichabod Adams. But, his reign was not only short, Adams had long been ostracized from any local teaching jobs. What will the SCFL do if its champion is a working, active substitute biology teacher?

For one, there’s talk of an interim title.

“It seems like interim belts are trending,” one SCFL fighter who wished to remain nameless but works at the Men’s Warehouse, told us anonymously.

“In this league, refusing to defend your belt for one night is like hopping weight classes and getting injured for six months in the UFC.”

Now the question — will the owners decide on an interim belt?

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