Belly Ribbon Fight Camp

Long before the Superchat Fight League was born, a young Bike Bianchi traveled the world. One of his many adventures took place in Belirubon, Iowa. The lone Creole French segment […]

High Seas

The High Seas Gym is nothing more than the cove in which Captain White has built his shantytown in the Caribbean, yet has still yielded some results. While initially only […]

Philly Gym

The Philly Gym and Buick Dealership of Philadelphia is owned and operated by Philly Supreme, along with his brother, Cheesesteak Supreme. What once was the boxing gym that Philly attended […]

PK Top Team

The first fight camp dedicated to the art of kickboxing in a cage, run by Baby Hayes. It has served as a clearing-house for many of SuperChat Fight League’s talents […]

Sons of Anger

A nebulous group led by Rastaban Baptiste that is based around 311. Members Ratt Middle Rastaban Baptiste Gorvis Rogers Kurt King Meete Mein Chuckie Murphy