Belly Ribbon Fight Camp

Long before the Superchat Fight League was born, a young Bike Bianchi traveled the world. One of his many adventures took place in Belirubon, Iowa. The lone Creole French segment of Iowa. It was here that he fell in love with the ways of the south. Bike Bianchi is a gentle man. But the the care-free southern Louisiana by-way-of-northwest Iowa town led to trouble at times, and he’d sometimes have to fight his way out of it. Bianchi was reluctant to fight at first, but eventually, Belirubon became known for its underground fights, and Bike Bianchi was the star, making hundreds of dollars a night. The sense of pride and community over their shared warrior code would be shouted into the night:

“Belly Ribbon! Clap, clap, clap clap clap”

And Bike was their star. So he would rent out an old gym space and begin the Belly Ribbon fight camp. Those deemed worthy, would get a ribbon tattooed onto their belly, and enter the fight league.

Current Roster:

Bike Bianchi

Zoning Zhang

Immediately Ito

Weather Walker

Garden Greene

Foundation Russo

Discussion Davis

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