At Mr. Bianchi’s BBQ, Wim Nijman And Offers Thompson Will Battle for Dot TV Title Supremacy


This Saturday night, history will be made. Live on a Dot TV title match, the only match on the card, which is more of a barbecue cookout than a wrestling show, will feature two of the greatest Dot TV titleholders. Current champion, Wim Nijman, takes on Offers Thompson in a contest that will determine which man is the best Dot TV champion.

Since its inception, SCFL’s Dot TV title has arguably been the most prestigious championship in the company. Defended on every single broadcast, the Dot TV title is always in the public consciousness. The fifteen-minute time limit keeps matches from being too drawn out and prolonged.

Before the title was even created, it had prestige, as a tournament with some of SCFL’s best wrestlers was initiated to determine the first champion. The finals came down to Offers Thompson and the monstrous Alex Thompson, a man who seemed incapable of losing in a one-on-one match. Despite overwhelming odds, Offers emerged victorious. He then established himself as an outstanding champion, with five successful title defenses. Most were by way of time limit draw, but still count as a successful retention of the Dot TV title. He did, however, win two matches as Dot TV champion by way of cage escape, proving he was capable of finishing an opponent in under fifteen minutes.

Now, Wim Nijman has emerged as someone that can challenge Offers’ claims to Dot TV supremacy. Following a win over the hard-hitting Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym to claim the championship, Nijman has rattled off four defenses, including an unprecedented two wins by way of pinfall. His two draws are no less impressive, as his contests against Meete Mein and Nightsbane KVLT were two of the best matches on their respective nights.

Offers is desperate to maintain his status as one of the premier Dot TV champions. A win not only stops Wim’s streak, but it would give Thompson an unheard of third reign with the title. Even a draw would be enough for the hard-hitting Nijman, but based on his past performances in championship matches, he will be looking for a pinfall victory inside of the time limit.

Thompson versus Nijman for Dot TV supremacy can only be found this Saturday night at 11pm est on