Hi. If You’re Coming To Uncle Sledding’s BBQ, Please Bring Your Own Macaroni Salad


Hello. Hi.

Uncle Sledding wants you to bring a dish to the BBQ this weekend and we hope that is ok. Uncle Sledding wants you to know the telethon made money very good, but we cannot feed 92 wrestlers, an old lady very beautiful woman, and all of the guests on our own.

Hi. Macaroni salad is supposed to be coming already but we were talking about the noodles and we think there should be more. Thanks if you are bringing more macaroni salad if you bring more yum. Hi.


Hello. Uncle Sledding is fine with any food you bring but we all agree that macaroni salad is the best but as they say in Belgium: just because you don’t have macaroni it doesn’t make you a phony. You can bring everything my Uncle says. My cousin Boxing Bianchi says he doesn’t care what anyone brings because he is making his own salad using different noodles.

Wow. Hi. Mr. Bianchi sure is cool.

Hello. Yes.

-Xylophonist Bianchi and Let Liu