Fragrant Tanaka: You Dishonored Yourself With Your Knife, Now I’ll Introduce You to Mine

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No man ever truly escapes his past, regardless of their intention.

Aniki taught me this lesson under the sweltering sun of a Hiroshima summer afternoon. Honor, loyalty and respect are the most valuable things that a man has, yet you, Garden Greene, possess none of these traits. You chose to pull a knife and dishonor not just yourself, but me as well when Sledding Bianchi called for the bell in our match out of fear of what would happen.

Have you seen what I’m capable of? The dragon has been sleeping, Garden Greene, but you have awoken it.

And for what? Your lack of honor will be your undoing. Now fight me, bring your knives and prepare for battle! You will not leave this ring the way that you came in!