SCFL Fire Pro Wrestling World Clips Of The Week: 5.12.18


The Clips of the Week are here, cut away from Discussion Davis vs. The World and once again showing that anything can happen in SCFL Pro, including flying dick crunches. Watch as we take a spin around the excellent card that yielded multiple important highlights, including a quick win from Dot TV champ Wim Nijman (who is becoming the best at holding the SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship), Federal Bell’s heroic win over his son, Aladdin Bell, and many, many clips from our hardcore matches of the night.

Yes, our editor Baby Hayes went out there naked while vying for the SCFL Pro Hardcore Tag Championship, and the whole, uncut match can be seen below. But you don’t have to look if you don’t want to. We also see matches from Gordon Garabaldi, Earl Vontrell, and Giovanni Dinner, who put away Weather Walker once again in sketchy fashion.

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