Everyone Needs To Get Over It: By Discussion Davis


Last night, I went on to win the Sharia Law tournament and title, becoming the first triple crown winner (world champ/Sharia Law champ and boxing champ), as well as becoming the first dual title holder by concurrently holding the boxing and Sharia Law titles. Say what you will about me getting put into the fight late, but I already had a wild night, then won the Banger Belt championship tournament (no blocking allowed) to become the first Quad Champion and the first concurrent three title holder and also inaugural Banger champ.

I beat Technology Cooper and Ratt Middle for that Banger championship. That’s tough to do. What I’m saying is — I get no respect. Look at this great win for the Banger championship:

Now look at me win the Sharia Law title!

I am the greatest champion ever, despite my disability of having no upper lip. The fans tune in. For some reason, I’m constantly berated, but that’s probably because everyone is a bunch of haters. I couldn’t even get finished to lose the world championship. This is ridiculous!

But I get it. There can’t be a monopoly.

And so, I will put it in writing that I will abandon the Sharia Law, Banger, and boxing titles if I can get a shot at Ratt Middle. I will not defend those titles until I get a shot, but after that fight is wrapped up, and god willing I become a quadruple concurrent champ, then I will move to abandon those titles because we all know the fans will know who the real, lineal, champ is.

Let’s do this, Ratt.

Oh, and if you want more nice highlights, here’s a fight with few stakes. I win those in spectacular fashion as well.