RESULTS June 3rd: Three Titles Find New Owners in PPV Event


In what was one of the most historic and downright strange nights in SuperChat Fight League history, the promotion presented a mega-event live on UFC Fight Pass PPV. A one-night, eight-man tournament was held to find a contender for the Sharia Law Championship, which saw a lot of action, but an interesting finals of Ron Lewis and Discussion Davis. Ron was well onto his way to victory against Davis yet again when a head kick from Davis floored Lewis, securing him the victory. He challenge the champion, whom he was able to handily defeat to become the first triple-crown champion in the league, holding both the Sharia Law Championship and Boxing Championship at the same time.

Former Boxing Champion Ratt Middle challenge against Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym for the SuperChat Fight League World Championship, ending the Thai’s brief reign with a series of quick punches in round two after a shaky first round for the challenger, ending with a brutal left hook to secure the big gold belt for himself.

Then, as a special treat for fans, they were given a second eight-man tournament for the newly-created Banger Championship. The title, based around the tenants of courage and recklessness sees the two competitors fight without the ability to slip strikes or block, instead there needs to be constant action. Then all hell broke lose when in the finals training partners and teammates Technology Cooper and Blowhole Bernard were matched up. The two men had agreed on an amiable coin toss to declare the winner when the Bianchis came up with a mind-boggling plan that left many wondering if they were intentionally playing favorites; they inserted two new competitors into the tournament, both of them the champions of Discussion Davis and Ratt Middle.

So two competitors who had gone through a grueling, brain-damaging tournament were then subjected to fighting two men who hadn’t taken the same levels of sheer, reckless brain damage in the tournament. Technology Cooper fought valiantly against the promotion’s favored Discussion Davis, the fans rallying behind the Englishman. Interestingly enough, this became a technical, brutal fight that went all three rounds. While the final numbers showed Cooper winning round one, Discussion winning round two and Cooper very clearly winning round three via a knockdown, he was completely furious when two of the judges scored the fight in favor of Discussion Davis, a man who was not supposed to be in the tournament and was inserted by the management, who are also his teammates in Team Belly Ribbon.

Blowhole Bernard found himself unable to defend against Ratt Middle’s all-out assault, especially after the damage that he suffered in the earlier rounds of the tournament that doesn’t allow blocking, leaving an all-champion finals that saw Discussion Davis, the holder of two of the league’s then-three titles, knocking out the holder of the world title to secure a concurrent third title, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of many of the viewers at home and the fans in the arena.

Truly a strange, historic evening.

Technology Cooper R1 KO Gene Greene
Puncho Baggins R2 KO Let Liu
Sharia Law Tournament: Discussion Davis R2 KO Franco Harris
Sharia Law Tournament: Ron Lewis R5 Dec Delmonico fans chanted for more rounds
Sharia Law Tournament: Federal Bell R2 KO Wiggwam Watanabe
Sharia Law Tournament: Edward Edwards R3 Split Decision Jacques Jeanjacques
Sharia Law Tournament: Ron Lewis R2 KO Edward Edwards
Sharia Law Tournament Semis: Until Robert R3 Dec Hans Schmidt
Sharia Law Tournament Semis: Discussion Davis R2 KO Federal Bell
Sharia Law Tournament Finals: Discussion Davis R3 KO Ron Lewis
Piotr Petrov R2 KO Actually Weber
Hernandez R3 Dec Maniac Missouri
Wat Pyman R3 Dec Argument Alvarez
Sharia Law Title: Discussion Davis R3 KO Rasmanov Nakasol©
World Title: Ratt Middle R2 KO Choochai ©
Banger Title Tournament: Technology Cooper R1 KO Zoning Zhang
Banger Title Tournament: Blowhole Bernard R1 KO Tapas Tiempo
Banger Title Tournament: Gary Bollea R2 KO Let Liu
Banger Title Tournament: Puncho Baggins R1 KO Weather Walker
Banger Title Tournament: Technology Cooper R1 KO Gary Bollea
Banger Title Tournament: Blowhole Bernard R1 KO Puncho Baggins
Banger Title Tournament: Discussion Davis R3 Split Technology Cooper
Banger Title Tournament: Ratt Middle R1 KO Blowhole Bernard
Banger Title: Discussion Davis R1 KO Ratt Middle Banger Title