RESULTS May 30th and June 1st: Choochai Wins World Championship


A short digest for these two shows. Choochai TrainMuayThaiGym defeated Boxing Bianchi via a brutal round one KO to secure his first championship, while Philly Supreme got a shot at Discussion Davis. Davis, the Boxing Champion, hit Philly with an illegal elbow, knocking Philly out and earning the ire of the fans in attendance. He claimed it was an accident, but Philly demanded an immediate rematch.

May 30th

Zoning Zhang (R3 Dec) Gyro Supreme
Nightsbane Kvlt (R3 Majority Decision) Zorastriani Brown
Aladdin Bell (R2 No Contest) Offers Thompson
Ichabod Adams (R3 KO) Let Liu
Choochai (R1 KO) Boxing Bianchi©
Boxing: Federal Bell (R2 KO) Actually Weber
Boxing: Philly Supreme (R1 DQ) Discussion Davis©

Without a clear contender for the World Championship, the league attempted to sort itself out, leading to a rematch for the Boxing Title between Philly and Discussion Davis. Discussion once again utilized elbows and even low kicks, finding his way inside of Philly’s head. In round four he was able to connect and knock Philly out.
June 1st
Wiggwam Watanabe (R3 KO) Captain White
Blaster Robinson (R1 KO) Sanders Suzuki
Wim Nijman (R2 KO) Weather Walker
Vector Wang (R1 KO) Freddy Fischer
Ron Lewis (R3 KO) October Schmidt
Until Robert (R1 KO) Credit Lewis
America Wright (R3 KO) Until Robert
Boxing: Discussion Davis © (R4 KO) Philly Supreme