FWD: Statement From Ichabod Adams RE: Farcical Championship Rematch

News, SCFL Pro

From the desk of Reginald R. Harris, Esquire

May 3, 2018



Bichael J. Bianchi

SCFL Enterprises, LLC

32 Gumbo Way

Beliribuon, IA 50069



Dear Monsieur Bianchi:

At the SCFL Pro-branded professional wrestling event titled “Clotheslines for Clothes” on the evening of April 28th, my client, Ichabod Adams, participated in a contracted contest between himself and one Miles Manhoef. According to the terms of the contract, the winner would be rewarded with a future contest for the SCFL Pro World Championship, a title that Mr. Adams has held previously and helped to elevate in both image and prestige.

Securing victory in said contest, the promotion, SCFL Pro (SCFL Enterprises, LLC) had assured that my client would receive his world title contest. Yet, scheduled for this week’s event, is an immediate rematch between the previous challenger, Discussion Davis, as well as current champion and owner of the promotion, Bichael J. Bianchi.

Such actions are believed to be in breach of the agreement entered into by SCFL Enterprises and Mr. Adams. As the counsel of Mr. Adams I am requesting that Mr. Bianchi cease the favoritism in his decisions and honor the original agreement as outlined.

Furthermore, Mr. Adams has acquired a permit and will be exercising his First Amendment right to speak his mind on Saturday evening in protest of this blatant display of cronyism from SCFL Enterprises. Mr. Bianchi would be well-advised to not impede on Mr. Adams’ First Amendment right again, especially after the horrid display of censorship the prior week.

Ruefully Yours,





Reginald “Ron” Harris, Esquire


CC Xylophonist Bianchi, Let Liu, Douglas Middle