Rastaban Baptiste Issues A Trios Title Challenge to Tapas Tiempo


Hey Tapas Tiempo. I see you. That’s what you really want, right? To be noticed? Well, all of the Sons of Anger honed in on the negative energy you brought to the gym from day one. Same with Gordon Kuntz, Kurt King, and Earl Vontrell. You never fully bought in to the mentality we were trying to cultivate. You just wanted somewhere to work out and hit people.

If you want that kind of mindless brutality, we’re all glad you left. Take that poisonous mindset to PK Gym, or Belly Ribbon, or the Supremes. See if they appreciate your viciousness and sadism to your training partners.

I do regret how things played out, though. I’ll always regret a lost opportunity to truly help another individual that is screaming out for relief. You may have been tight-lipped at the gym, you may have always declined to share with the rest of us during our group-wide Feelings Kumite and Mindfulness Randori. But every time you went too hard in sparring, or got frustrated and ripped up your shin guards, or had to stop early to “rage puke”, it was all out of anger and frustration.

I know you’re mad you can’t play jai alai any more. I know how much that world, that life meant to you. I’m truly sorry you can no longer derive joy from a sport that encompassed your entire being for so very long. But I’m also sad that you never managed to move past that disappointment and hurt and work on improving yourself.

Tapas, you’ve been culling the herd, so to speak. But like any herd, the members you’re taking aren’t the strongest or healthiest. You may value Earl for his ability to hit hard, or Kurt for his technical abilities, or Gordon, for his willingness to be molded to your will. But none of those men are truly strong, not mentally, not emotionally. We will miss those brothers in arms, but they all would have been invited to leave soon enough. Your supposed “rescue of lost souls” was more like convincing someone to quit a job a week before they were going to get fired anyway. It appears noble, but it’s ultimately meaningless.

But you’ve got three friends, now. You only needed two to challenge for the Trios title, but now you’ve got your pick. I’m sure you’ll have Gordon by your side. He may not be the most capable in the ring, but he’ll listen to you and obey you without question, which is what you really want. As for the other spot, does it go to Kurt or Earl? Either way, it doesn’t matter. Ratt Middle, Gorvis Rogers, and myself, Rastaban Baptiste, have handled more dangerous threats.

Just make sure you don’t eat too much at Uncle Sledding’s Backyard Barbecue. The Sons of Anger are defending the Trios Titles next week against you and your friends, Tapas. Get plenty of rest and be ready for the fight of your lives.