The Steel Drum Band Release New Single: Bitter End (We’re The Steel Drum Band)


While no one would catch themselves calling SCFL Pro’s Steel Drum Band the most original of acts, they are indeed prolific, debuting their latest track — a more mellow, subdued, acoustic track — at Mr. Bianchi’s BBQ Bash. The song, called “Bitter End (We’re The Steel Drum Band)” hits a lot of familiar notes to fans of the band’s music while adding new layers to their catalog and mystique.

Listen to the live performance of the track below — blemishes and all — and let the Steel Drum Band consume your life.

Vocals – Nightsbane Kvlt
Vocals/Bass – Ron Lewis
Vocals/Six string bass – Vector Wang
Steel Drum – Xylophonist Bianchi

Bitter End (We’re The Steel Drum Band)