SCFL Pro: 5.26.18 – Mr. Bianchi’s BBQ Bash (Feat. The Dot TV Title And The Steel Drum Band)

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It’s an off week for most of the SCFL, as Mr. Sledding Bianchi is finally finished remodeling his kitchen and bathroom (the leftovers of which we’ve seen add flavor to some classic deathmatches), and the sog has taken. Now, it’s time for a BBQ.

Everyone in the SCFL (and you) has been invited to join the festivities this Saturday at 11pm est to cook out, admire macaroni salad, and watch Offers Thompson possibly ruin Wim Nijman’s chance at SCFL Pro Dot TV Championship history. Yes, title history may happen at this BBQ because the Dot TV title must be defended on every broadcast due to contractual obligations.

After that match, amongst the delicious eats and tasty drinks, The Steel Drum Band will be debuting a new song. It’s truly going to be a great time and we hope you join us, even though we don’t know where Bike Bianchi is. It’s very concerning, but we won’t let that get in the way of our good time!

So there may not be many matches this week (a big show is planned for the week after this), but now is the time to simply relax and spend some time with your favorite SCFL fighters. Discussion Davis, owner of the SCFL Pro World Championship will be there, as will Let Liu, Xylophonist Bianchi, Mama Dinner, Giovanni Dinner, Foundation Russo, Mickey Kelley and Kelly Kelley. It’s going to be a wholesome, fun time.

See you Saturday at 11pm est!