The Sons of Anger Have Overplayed Their Hand – #SponsoredContent By Tapas Tiempo


It’s all going according to plan. Everything is working just as expected, maybe a little better. What better way to probe an opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, offense and defense, than to challenge them to a match you have no intention of winning?

Oh, sure, in the immediate, microcosm of the Trios Title landscape, it looks like a setback. And maybe even in the slightly large scale of getting a one on one match with Rastaban Baptiste, it’s a small stumbling block.

But rest assured, at the macro level, as the full scope of the battlefield slowly unfolds, the loss that me, Gordon Kuntz and Kurt King suffered at Rastaban, Gorvis Rogers, and Ratt Middle’s hands doesn’t even amount to a drop in the ocean.

I’m sure people were confused by my appearance earlier that night, walking out with Puncho Baggins and Ricky Robinson. Let’s just say that those two gentlemen, plus Raoul Hernandez, another brilliant strategic mind, have things in play that nobody will see coming. I can’t give away all my secrets, can I?

So, what’s next for my righteous crusade? Do I challenge other Trios, to build my team back up to title contention? Is that what’s really important? Or do I pick off more members of the Sons of Anger? Will Rastaban Baptiste even care if I start breaking jaws and cracking skulls, so long as they aren’t his bones? Most assuredly he won’t.

I’d love to save more of the Sons, to free them, mentally rehabilitate those poor men. But not everyone can be saved. Some are like Meete Mein, a mad dog, too unhinged to make it up the ranks of SoA, but too violent and unstable to ever be pulled away from the group, either. He, and others like him, will have to be neutralized. For some of these men, their love for the Sons of Anger, or more accurately, their devotion to Rastaban Baptiste, is too strong for even a barrage of lariats to ever shake. I will weep for those poor, lost souls, but collateral damage is a necessary part of warfare, especially on this scale.

Do my compatriots in combat, Gordon and Kurt, deserve to be punished for their failures? Who can say. Do I deserve to shoulder the blame, since not only did I hand-select my team mates, but I was also the one that got pinned? Again, the universe will have to bear that reality out on its own. All I know is that a team can only grow closer through strenuous competition. That’s why I’m having the three of us partake in a triple threat match this weekend. Fisticuffs brought us together, and they will bring us closer, as friends, as allies, as a team.