From The Desk Of Xylop: I Love Uncle Sledding And He Deserves A Title Shot


Hey there,

Last weekend at Uncle Sledding Bianchi’s nice BBQ, Uncle Sledding refereed for over four hours and was talked to by the police about his neigbors. Uncle Sledding is nice and I love him. The last time Uncle Sledding refereed for four hours he got a title shot that was nice, so now that he took time at his BBQ to be nice and to referee the open challenge, I think it would be nice if he got a title shot for being nice and inviting everyone over for the BBQ he was nice at. Look at how nice it was:

I have submitted the paperwork since my nice cousin Bike Bianchi is missing (love you) and gave this nice writing talking about Uncle Sledding getting a title shot to editor of Baby Hayes. He is nice too, but naked sometimes.

Discussion Davis, you have an open challenge, but this week you must take on a competitor who worked for his nice title shot.

Hey there,

Xylophonist Bianchi

PS. Love you.