SCFL PROFILE: ‘The Wall’ Alex Thompson

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There have been a lot of strange, angry men involved in SCFL since its inception, but none have been as strange, as angry or as dangerous as one Alex Thompson. Like most SCFL competitors, the path that led him to the hallowed ring and cage of SCFL was a winding one, but his path seemed like it was destined. One fateful night when Bike Bianchi was wading into the waters of promoting a series of one-off events of varying formats, there was a giant MMA tournament. The problem was that one of the competitors didn’t make it by bell time, leaving a hole in the tournament.

Like most Bike Bianchi decisions, a rash and in-the-moment decision was made to offer up a spot in the tournament to anyone in the crowd. As fate would have it, there was one man with absolutely nothing left to lose. This man felt that it was his last night of freedom and was looking to hurt someone and make a statement that all the world would see. Little did he know that virtually nobody saw his display of unbridled rage, but a statement was made nonetheless.

It was a warm, summer night in Iowa, a night where the cornfields ran red with blood just down the street from Belly Ribbon headquarters in Beliribbon, Iowa. Alex Thompson worked in a slaughterhouse nearby, day-in and day-out watching animals be killed, chopped up and processed into cuts of meat for the general public. Occasionally he’d get to bring some of the cuts that didn’t live up to the stringent standards of the packaging company home with him. To many, his gruff appearance and monstrous size were enough to turn him away, but those that knew him thought of him as a family man, blessed with a wife, Cheryl, and two daughters, Chloe and Susanne.

Yet there, just beneath the surface, something was brewing inside of the butcher. Day-after-day, week-after-week, year-after-year of watching animals slaughtered en masse did something to him. It broke him down, slowly at first, but after a while the decay was accelerated. What at first turned his stomach soon became folly, with him looking for new and more cruel ways to torture the livestock. Police reports show that this change didn’t stop at the slaughterhouse, but instead carried over into the home, where Cheryl had called the police more than twenty times in the course of the year before he arrived in SCFL.

So while Alex Thompson was maiming his opponents in the ring that night, everyone from professional fighters to a poor Obi-Wan Kenobi impersonator, he was harboring a dark secret. While the fans cried for blood, there had already been a bloodletting earlier in the evening, with Cheryl, Chloe and Susanne’s lifeless corpses piled into the back of his beaten-up white van that sat in the parking lot of the Beliribbon Civic Auditorium, bloody handprints streaking the rear doors.

The police were closing in, but Alex Thompson didn’t care. Bike heard the reaction of the crowd, though, and, after the trial, was able to secure the rights to Alex Thompson under tight security under a work release program. Now Alex Thompson has mauled his way through the SCFL competition and to many is the only hope of unseating Ichabod Adams as SCFL World Champion, that is, if he can make his way through Ratt Middle, Algorithm Schneider and Boxing Bianchi.

On Saturday night, December 2nd, 2017 Alex Thompson will be one of four men who enter the ring with hopes of earning a right to challenge for the SCFL World Championship and Alex doesn’t care who he has to hurt to get there.