SCFL Pro Wrestling 11/26: Ichabod Challenges Discussion Davis

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SCFL Pro Wrestling goes public, hitting the internet airwaves on Follow all of the action live or watch it archived for your later enjoyment. After the last World Title match where Ichabod Adams pinned then-champion Chuckie Murphy in a three-way, the referee forced the match to continue, the alt-right, self-proclaimed “free speech activist” exercising that right to the ref, Mr. Bianchi, only to be distracted enough to get beaten down by career-rival Discussion Davis.

Davis secured the title and Bike Bianchi, already swamped with paperwork in running a fight league, a pro wrestling league, starting a basketball league and staffing a local school district’s substitute teachers, decided to just give Ichabod his shot.

There will also be a tag title bout, a hardcore title bout and a tournament to determine who challenges for the world and hardcore titles next.

1. Tag Team Tournament Finals: Torvald(O)/Magomed (Back Spin Kick – 16:21) Adverbs International (Esposito(X)/Ito)
2. Hardcore Tournament 1: Wigwam Watanabe (22:07 – Axe Bomber) Charles DuBois
3. Hardcore Tournament 2: Freddy Fischer (21:50 – Lou Thesz Press) Weather Walker
4. Hardcore Tournament 3: Wiggwam Watanabe (12:48 – Axe Bomber) Freddy Fischer
5. World Title Qualification 1: Boxing Bianchi (11:42 – Spicy Drop) Credit Lewis, Gorvis Rogers, Fragrant Tanaka
6. World Title Qualification 2: Algorithim Schnieder (15:12 – Package Powerbomb) Philly SupremeMiles Manhoef, Until Robert
7. Landmine Deathmatch: Fortran COBOL/Tapas Tiempo(O) (19:11 – Sliding Elbow) Maniac/Maximo Missouri(X)
8. World Title Qualification #3: Ratt Middle (24:43 – Mount Punches) October Schmidt, Karate Hendrix, Garden Greene
9. TAG TEAM TITLES: Bell/Petrov(O) (C) (26:14 – Spinning Backfist) Torvald/Magomed(X)
10. HARDCORE TITLE: Let Liu/Xylophonist Bianchi (15:50 – KO) Zoning Zhang (C)  – Exploding Barb Wire Deathmatch
11. World Title Qualification #4: Alex Thompson (9:23 – Brainbuster Lariat – KO) Wim Nijman, Gyro SupremeChuckie Murphy
12. WORLD TITLE MATCH: Ichabod Adams (14:34 – Inside Cradle) Discussion Davis (C)
13. HARDCORE TITLE ELIMINATOR: Xylophonist Bianchi (6:05 – Ground Cobra Twist) Let Liu