SCFL Pro 10.21 and 10.28 Results: Special Announcements and Lopkins Galore

Results, SCFL Pro

SCFL Pro has ran two, read ’em two shows of the last few weeks, accentuated by new programming from Gyro Supreme in the way of Supreme Productions events. These events have been shorter, more concise shows, which you can watch below, with the Supreme Productions events attached.

SCFL Oct 21st 2018
Scramble Samantha Sugar, Choo Chai, Lewis x2, Federal Bell, Piotr Petrov, Immediately Ito, Zoraostriani Brown Samantha Sugar Samantha Sugar Champion going in. NEW RULE. If thrown to the apron you will are eliminated. 98.00% 0:20:55
Dot.TV title OFFERS vs Kurt King OFFERS 6th defense for OFFERS. Ties Kurt King for 2nd most consecutive defenses 90.00% 0:15:00
Shoot Fight Officer Bertrand vs. Fragrant T. Fragrant Round 3! 92.00% 0:10:22 Round 3

SCFL Oct 28th 2018
Great Lopkin Open Scramble Samantha vs Xylop vs Ito vs Sledding vs Captain White vs Aladdin vs Giovanni vs Baby Hayes Samantha Sugar Champion going in. Timed Halloween battle royale! 83.00% 0:25:51
Dot.TV title OFFERS vs Meete OFFERS 7th defense for OFFERS. Meet controlled a lot of the match, but OFFERS won out. 92.00% 0:11:10
Regular Match Jensen vs. Lil Jonesy Jensen 70.00% 0:09:18
Deathmatch Zoning Zhang vs. Gordon Garabaldi Zoning! Zoning is back baby 100.00% 0:10:19
Tag Match Eosinophil Rossi/Brick Roberts vs. Boys of Summer (Tapas Tiempo/Jacques Jean-Jacques) Boys of Summer 81.00% 0:12:41