SCFL Pro Roundup 9.19.18: Gyro Remains Woke, Ichabod is a Loon


There’s been a lot of movement in the realm of SCFL Pro of late, so we’re here to help you cut through all of it to understand (or at least we’ll all try together) exactly what’s happening in the world of SCFL. So join us, Fire Pro Wrestling World fans, as this week we’re all about Gyro being a hero and Ichabod sucking.

Ichabod Adams’ Empire Crumbles

Look no further than Ichabod on Twitter to see the aftershock from this last week’s event. The Alt-Right is not doing well right now, to say the least. Ichabod Adams has been using other members of the Alt-Right to do his dirty work for him since he lost the SCFL Pro World Championship to Bike Bianchi earlier this year, only to fail every step of the way to win that title back. After Gene Greene cost him his shot at the title this last weekend, Ichabod took to Twitter to denounce his [former] friends.

But all was not right in the world. We’ve always wondered about the relationship between Ron Harris and Ichabod, with Ron working as a civil rights attorney in Massachusetts, suddenly sucked into Ichabod’s vortex of hate while seeming apprehensive the whole way. It was pointed out to Ichabod that Ron is technically more successful as a single’s competitor than Ichabod to him via Twitter and, well, he deflected.

But it looks like there might be more to it than meets the eye, as now Adams is claiming that Ron is refusing to draft up a statement for him about the apparent defection of Gene Greene and Federal Bell.

Gyro Remains Woke

Look, Gyro Supreme might be leading the charge against the Shadow Realm to return Cheesesteak Supreme’s tag team partner, Sanders Suzuki, to this reality, but he’s also a man with needs, wants and desires. He airs these via Twitter and it has become something that everyone is noticing more and more.

Gyro also provides some insight into the home lives of the Supreme family. It’s not all Buicks, uppercuts, gold chains and tracksuits in Philadelphia for them, instead we see some of the warmer side of the family thanks to the magic of the internet.

Everyone Loves SCFL. Thank you.

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