SCFL Pro 12.20.2017: A Truly Gruesome Tournament and New Dot TV Hero

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If heading into yet another randomly-assembled Bike Bianchi fever dream of an event there is a certain level of knowledge that stuff is gonna happen and that it might get chaotic. When Bike booked a Gruesome tournament just days out from Holiday Havok 2017, knowing that most of these men will have to step into the ring at the promotion’s biggest show to date and might do so injured, well, it was pure Bike.

The unexpected twist happened with the realization that Offers Thompson would need to defend his Dot TV Championship because, contractually, he’s forced to defend the title on every broadcast. in desperate need for someone — anyone — to challenge Offers, Fat Jonesy was backstage at the crudely-assembled craft services table, eating whatever was leftover from last week’s holiday cookies, when Bike sent him out to challenge Offers for the belt.

It was a back-and-forth affair, but as the clock started to tick down, it was clear that Jonesy had done a lot of damage to Offers. When he hit a backslide with less than thirty seconds left, well, you’ll see.

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Gruesome Tournament Round One
Wim Nijman (R2 – KO) Justice Turner
Zoning Zhang (R2 – KO) Computer Collins
Maximo Missouri (R1 – KO) Fun Adams
Puncho Baggins (R2 – KO) Aladdin Bell
Miles Manhoef (R2 – KO) Gordon Kuntz
Zoarastriani Brown (R3 – Gory Bomb KO) Picaport Rodriguez
Until Robert (R2 – KO) Fortan Cobol
Rastaban Baptiste (R2 – Pedigree KO) Mike Miller
Gruesome Tournament Round Two
Wim Nijman (R2 – Spine Elbow KO) Zoning Zhang
Maximo Missouri (R2 – KO) Puncho Baggins
Zoarastriani Brown (R2 – KO) Miles Manhoef
Until Robert (R3 – Styles Clash KO) Rastaban Baptiste
Gruesome Tournament Round Three
Wim Nijman (R2 – KO) Maximo Missouri
Zoarastriani Brown (R2 – KO) Until Robert
Gruesome Tournament Finals
Zoarastriani Brown (R2 – KO) Wim Nijman
Dot TV Championship: Fat Jonesy (14:33 – Backslide) Offers Thompson(C)