SCFL Pro Holiday Havok 2017: Ichabod Adams vs. Boxing Bianchi

Results, SCFL Pro

The biggest show of the year is on its way, this Saturday night, 12/23 at 11pm pacific time, 1am eastern time, live on Every title is on the line, including the main event showdown for the SCFL World Championship between the champion Ichabod Adams and the challenger Boxing Bianchi.

1. Scramble Title: Rastaban Baptiste (27:01 – Backslide) Baby Hayes vs Eosinophil Rossi (C) vs Garden Greene vs Gene Green vs Fortran COBOL vs Maniac Missouri vs Fragrant Tanaka
2. Dot TV Title: Fat Jonesy(C) (15:00 – Draw) Offers Thompson
3. Hardcore Tag Titles: Chuckie Murphy(O)/Meete Mein (C) (15:01 – Super Rana) Philly Supreme(X)/Discussion Davis
4. SWA Title: Karate Hendrix (C) (R2 5:31 – TKO) Kelly Kelley
5. Atomicos Titles: Nightsbane KVLT/Vector Wang/Xylophonist Bianchi/Ron Lewis (SDB) (15:00 – Draw) Ratt Middle/Gorvis Rogers/Turgid Delmonico/Gary Bollea
6. Hardcore Grudge Match: DuBois (10:51 – KO) Spencer Morgan
7. Gruesome Title: Magomed Ashmonov (R2 – 2:06 – KO) Blaster Robinson (C)
8. Trios Titles: Gyro Supreme(O)/Cheesesteak Supreme/Sanders Suzuki (14:55 – CRITICAL) Bike Bianchi/Sledding Bianchi/Foundation Russo(X)
9. Parquet Deathmatch Hardcore Title: Technology Cooper (14:40 – Hooking Lariat) Wigwamm Watanabe (C)
10. S1 Title: Raoul Hernandez (R2 4:08 – TKO) Choochai TrainMTGym (C)
11. Tag Titles: Federal Bell/Piotr Petrov(O) (C) (18:41 – Spinning Backfist) Especially Esposito/Immediately Ito(X)
12. World Title: Ichabod Adams (C) (14:51 – Pepe Driver) Boxing Bianchi