SCFL Tournament Histories

March Sadness 2018

The first annual March Sadness tournament saw 64 men enter a single-night tournament, with Karate Hendrix becoming the inaugural winner.

Arguably the toughest tournament in SCFL, this hours-long tournament tests mental fortitude, physical ability, and a fighter’s will to go on.

2018 winner: Karate Hendrix

The Substitute Series

The yearly tournament gathers new substitute teachers from around District 204 in an effort to bolster the ranks and help subs make some money over the summer. Held every June, the Substitute Series has introduced substittute teachers such as Xylophonist Bianchi, Ichabod Adams, October Schmidt, and two-time tournament winner Federal Bell. This summer, the substitutes will once again join the tournament while welcoming three new substitute teachers to the league. Will Federal Bell win three in a row? Will Mike Miller, or Freddy Fischer finally win? Or will a newcomer take home the crown?

2016 winner: Federal Bell
2017 winner: Federal Bell
2018 winner: “Freddy Fischer” (Let Liu)

Single Tournaments

The Bradford Culpepper Food Place Memorial Tournament: Patty Acosta

The 2018 Daddy/Son Tag Team Dance: Kelly Kelley/Mickey Kelley

2019 Sledding’s Holiday Party All Bianchi Memorial Tournament: The Great Lopkin (Ichabod Adams)