SCFL Pro 3.24.18 — March Sadness 32-Man Tournament

Results, SCFL Pro

Are you ready for sadness? While March might be best known for its NCAA basketball tournament, that doesn’t mean that the Bianchi family doesn’t have something in store. Because they do. That’s right, it’s March Sadness. A one-night, 32-man tournament that could possibly be to the death if anyone has a heart condition. The prize? The crown of March Sadness and a shot at the newly-crowned US Champion, Spencer Morgan.

Look, we know you love brackets, so here’s the OFFICIAL SCFL March Sadness bracket.

R1: Boxing Bianchi (8:07 – 1-2) Fun Adams
R1: Lil Jonesy (18:24 – Dragon Sleeper) Kvlt
R1: Immediately Ito (12:16 – Countout) Gene Greene
R1: Credit Lewis (18:26 – Trudeau Lock) Mike Miller
R1: Karate Hendrix (11:58 – Bruce Lee Kick) Let Liu
R1: Wim Nijman (15:48 – Backdrop) Brick Roberts
R1: Ron Lewis (19:19 – Big Daddy Cutter) Front Reed
R1: Raoul Hernandez (17:59 – Flying Knee) Vector Wang
R1: Tapas Tiempo (2:03 – Sliding Elbow) Xylophonist Bianchi
R1: Fortran COBOL (24:59 – Pump Kick) Wigwamm Watanabe
R1: Baby Hayes (18:42 – Full Nelson Bomb) Fragrant Tanaka
R1: Maniac Missouri (2:41 – Diving Headbutt) Dougie Middle
R1: Picaporte Rodriguez (21:35 – Doorknob Clutch) Choochai
R1: Dubois (12:04 – Superman Punch) Sanders Suzuki
R1: Miles Manhoef (19:21 – Rollup) Until Robert
R1: Eosinophil Rossi (12:23 – Moonsault Elbow) Cheesesteak Supreme
R2: Boxing Bianchi (1:59 – CRITICAL) Lil Jonesy
R2: Immediately Ito (12:50 – Rollup) Credit Lewis
R2: Karate Hendrix (25:04 – Superkick) Wim Nijman
R2: Ron Lewis (16:27 – Sunset Flip) Raoul Hernandez
R2: Tapas Tiempo (7:19 – CRITICAL) Fortran COBOL
R2: Baby Hayes (16:03 – Crossbody) Maniac Missouri
R2: Charles Dubois (13:15 – Superman Punch) Picaporte Rodriguez
R2: Miles Manhoef (27:12 – Sky Twister Press) Eosinophil Rossi
R3: Immediately Ito (17:44 – Rollup) Boxing Bianchi
R3: Karate Hendrix (39:06 – Bruce Lee Kick) Ron Lewis
R3: Tapas Tiempo (19:39 – Sliding Elbow) Baby Hayes
R3: Miles Manhoef (10:24 – Sky Twister Press) Charles Dubois
Semi-Final: Karate Hendrix (15:54 – Screw Kick) Immediately Ito
Semi-Final: Miles Manhoef (16:19 – Rollup) Tapas Tiempo
Final: Karate Hendrix (12:53 – Flying Bruce Lee Kick) Miles Manhoef
Dot TV Championship Cage Match: Offers Thompson (8:58 – Escape) Freddy Fischer(C)