SCFL Pro 3.25.18 — Post-Traumatic Sadness Disorder

Results, SCFL Pro

Most of these men are tired, beaten up or just plain sad, but that doesn’t stop the Bianchi family from presenting yet another event just 24-hours later! PTSD, for you.

Post-Traumatic Sadness Disorder
Scramble Championship: Meete Mein (28:27 – Powerbomb) Zaorastriani Brown, Hans Schmidt(C) vs. Fun Adams vs. Earl Vontrell vs. Vector Wang vs. Front Reed vs. Picaporte Rodriguez
Immediately Ito(O)/Especially Esposito (26:07 – Spinning Brainbuster) Justice Turner/Blowhole Bernard(X)
Dot TV Championship: Offers Thompson(C) (15:00 – Draw) Credit Lewis
Blaster Robinson (11:45 – Lariat) Kurt King
Shoot Fight: Boxing Bianchi (R3 – KO) Wim Nijman
Hardcore: Maniac/Maximo Missouri(O) (8:34 – Missouri Bomb) Brick Roberts/Eosinophil(X)
Tapas Tiempo (16:39 – Sliding Elbow) Ron Lewis
Discussion Davis (60:00 – Draw) The Fixers (Let Liu/Xylophonist)