SCFL Fire Pro Wrestling World 12.2.18 – A Supreme Disappointment

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After the one-year anniversary of SCFL, we’re left with a new, familiar world champ in Discussion Davis, as well as another COP as Scramble champ, showing the domination of that faction even as Nate becomes Bike Bianchi fully and completely. In year two of SCFL, things change, and they stay the same, but things never stop moving. That’s obvious for tonight’s show, as we have FIVE title fights.

A shoot title fight between Officer Boon and an unknown entity. It’s not even a mystery opponent, it’s just a lack of planning it seems it a relatively thin-but-dangerous division.

OFFERS Thompson continues his historic DOT TV title run against Samantha Sugar

Patty Acosta and October Schmidt will put the hardcore tag titles – a framed picture of The Public Enemy – on the line against the suddenly relevant hardcore maniac Gordon Garabaldi and Maniac Missouri, who earned the shot after a hardcore tournament on The B Show

Gyro Supreme and Cheesesteak are a bundle of emotions, and will fight the returned SANDERS and Dubois from the Shadow Realm. How will Cheesesteak react? What is SANDERS doing here?

Oh, and a rematch between Karate Hendrix and Weather Walker will go down for the no.1 contendership for the U.S. title.

Finally, Discussion Davis will defend his new world title against diligent referee Picaporte Rodriguez, who did an admiral job reffing the tournament and was rightfully awarded a title shot in typical SCFL fashion.

It’s a stacked show this week. It really is.

Catch up on last week’s show here:

SCFL “A Supreme Disappointment” Dec 2 2018
SCRAMBLE Officer Bertrand (C) vs. Jensen Woods vs. Cousin Rudy vs. The Great Lopkin vs. Eosinophil Rossi vs. vs. Jacksaw vs. Lil Jonesy vs. Knightsbane Lopkin! first title for lopkin! 76.00% 0:20:18
No. 1 contender for Philly Supreme vs. Chuckie Murphy Philly! Philly crushed him 68.00% 0:03:50
Meanwhile in Mexico Bike Mexico vs. Armadillo Bike Mexico WOW MOTY? 100.00% 0:22:45
no. 1 contender for US title Karate Hendrix vs Weather Walker Karate Flirting! 77.00% 0:24:51 title OFFERS(C) vs. Samantha Sugar OFFERS by draw 12th defense for Offers. Samantha is bleeding. N/A 0:15:00
Shoot title Officer Boon(C) vs. Nate Nate/Bike New champ and cheese addict 88.00% 0:04:31
Hardcore Tag Championship The Substitutes (Patty Acosta/October Schmidt)(C) vs. Gordon Garabaldi/Maniac Missouri The Substitutes (Patty Acosta/October Schmidt) 1st defense for the substitutes 86.00% 0:13:49
Regular Tag Gyro Supreme/Cheesesteak Supreme vs. SANDERS/DUBOIS SANDERS/DUBOIS SAD 57.00% 0:02:02
World Piece of Paper title Discussion Davis(C) vs. Picaporte Rodriguez Davis first defense for Davis 87.00% 0:11:16
TOTAL 79.88% 0:13:09